Fixed Price

Fixed Price Projects

We offer our clients the option of a firm fixed pricing model where the budget, timeline and deliverables are clearly specified. Prior to taking on any new assignment our cost and technical teams carefully evaluate the project and determine if a firm fixed price is the best option for the client. If the answer is “yes” the Account Manager will present the fixed project cost and the initial work breakdown schedule to the client for their review and acceptance. Neumeric assumes all project related expense risks associated with the scope of work that has been agreed to and issues the client a Statement of Work confirming the project, scope of services provided and the firm fixed price.

Examples of fixed price projects:

  • Software development services are provided for a very specific scope of work
  • The project has a narrow timeline
  • The project has a very narrow budget
  • Scope creep is not an expected occurrence

Firm Fixed Price contract invoices are issued and paid in installments with the billing & payment schedules established through the projects work breakdown structure and sprint cycles.